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Jeff H.
from Seymour, MO
Trey G.
from Rosenberg, TX

What people are saying

I noticed the air in our home was cooler right away, but most importantly my July and August bills were decreased by about 33%, saving me $250 in the first two months alone.

Ed P.

Installation was easy and the results were immediate. Not only did our energy bill go down, but the temperature in our home finally reached the thermostat setting on really hot days.

Taylor K.

I’ve been tracking the run-time of my two AC units since installing Mistbox. It’s peak cooling season now and my Nest says my AC units each run an average of 5 hours less per day.

Jared B.

Works great. My neighbor tried to tell me it wouldn’t work, but our electric bill shut him up :)

Daisy G.

My father and I own this product in California and Texas, respectively. We both have seen great savings over the last 2 years.

Brandon R.

Relatively easy installation. Well made product. I purchased in May and saved $55 on my first electricity bill! Kids love to watch how much we are saving on the app.

Jordan W.

Incredible device. I’ve have my original unit for 4 seasons and have done nothing but change the batteries during that time. I live in MD and store the unit during the winter months.

Donald P.

The product works as advertised as I noticed immediately that the air coming out of the ducts was cooler. Prior to Mistbox my AC unit was struggling to keep up especially during some of our hotter days, but now it seems to be working great.

Frank M.

Save up to 30% on your AC bills